Does ProArgi-9 Plus Work? Results Are In (2019)

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It has been several years since my friend Joe began using ProArgi-9 Plus to lower high blood pressure. Looking back I remember when he used to take several different medications on a daily basis.

Not only did his meds not lower his blood pressure, but while taking them he demonstrated several different side effects including heart palpitations and SVT.

I can say that after he ditched his meds years ago and switched to ProArgi-9 Plus, he has shown significant improvement in blood pressure as well as heart rate.

No more side effects!

That’s right, yet another wonderful surprise. The breaking point came for Joe when I took him to the hospital, since he was showing a very rapid heartbeat. The hospital discovered that he was experiencing an SVT episode. They ended up stopping and restarting his heart in order to get his heart rate back to a normal level.

I guess that’s the equivalent of unplugging your router and plugging it back in to try to get the internet working again?

As a side note, while at the hospital I engaged one of the doctors in a conversation about arginine. I told him about the doctors that won the Nobel Prize for their research, and that actual clinical trials had been conducted that showed incredible results. He was completely uninterested in what I had to say.

Who would have thought that a doctor would have been interested in science? Oh did I mention that the doctors that discovered l-arginine and it’s effect on the cardiovascular system earned the Nobel Prize?

I must be confused, I had this crazy idea that when a group of doctors make a discovery big enough to earn the Nobel Prize, that those doctors may actually be onto something.

On the ride home from the hospital

On the ride from the hospital I asked him if he was “getting it” yet. He overheard the conversation I had with the doctor, and it was at that moment that he realized. It’s not about science, it’s about profit.

L-arginine is a natural amino acid, and due to it’s natural state it cannot be secured through a patent. Patented drugs are where the real money is, and it’s the only thing that big pharma is interested in.

Joe got it, finally. Looking back to that car ride years ago, I saw my friend woken up. That evening he tossed all of the pills in the trash and began supplementing with ProArgi-9 Plus immediately.

Joe’s blood pressure dropped overnight.

The real truth is, Joe’s results aren’t that impressive

Don’t get me wrong, I am personally really happy with the progress my friend Joe has made using this product. It truly has lowered his blood pressure, and on top of that increased his energy levels.

However, Joe is not what I would consider a very serious case. He’s a young guy at only 33 years old, he’s moderately active and works for a living.

It’s not like Joe has been walking around with an oxygen tank or anything.

Take a look at these EXTREME test cases!

For me, this is the real proof I want you to see. The results behind the study outlined in the following video are nothing short of miraculous.

What happens when you take a group of older adults that have cardiovascular issues so bad that doctors are giving up? Watch this video and find out:

Try it!

What do you have to lose? I personally want to see people getting their lives back, and I firmly believe that for many who have cardiovascular disease that this is one of the best ways to do that.

This is what I recommend to everyone I talk to. First thing, purchase a good blood pressure cuff and begin monitoring your blood pressure on a daily basis. Record your readings in a journal. Then, purchase ProArgi-9 Plus and begin using it according to the included instructions. Continue to monitor your progress and be sure to record in your journal when you began taking arginine.

As I will always recommend, if you wish to wean off of medications please have a discussion with your doctor about a plan moving forward. You should take your blood pressure journal with you and share the info with your doctor.

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